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...Development of a Software Initiative, M.Sc. thesis by Mary Donald, Dept. of Educational and Professional Studies, University of Strathclyde.
Read the investigation. (pdf)

Using Lexion to Promote Emerging Literacy Skills, A preliminary study to evaluate the potential benefits of the Lexion assessment and teaching software. Dr. Elizabeth Dean, Consultant speech and language therapist takes an in-depth look at the study that was carried out at Arden College. SEN Magazine 39, 2009.
Read the article. (pdf)

Lexion - The assessment tool that saves you time

Gunnel Wendick is the SEN coordinator of the municipality of Vaggeryd in Sweden. She is familiar with the Lexion software, a training and remediation tool for pupils with reading and writing difficulties. She has now made an evaluation of Lexion Assessment, the Lexion computer-based assessment tool. She finds the program very promising, and that it effectively creates customized exercises in Lexion that helps the pupil to practise the items in the particular areas that the pupil needs to develop.
Read the article. (pdf)

See case data. (pdf)

Lickey Hills Primary School

A report from a visit by the Swedish Lexion team.
Read the full report. (pdf)


Testimonials on the Lexion assessment programme.
Penny MacInnes (Parliament Hill School, London). (pdf)
Anita Almgren (The English School Gothenburg, Sweden). (pdf)


Michael Jones: Developing skills, confidence, motivation and independence in reading and spelling: using Lexion interactive software at home. (pdf)
Michael Jones: Learning with Lexion, BATOD Magazine, January 2008. (pdf)
Michael Jones: Interview with Martti Martens. (pdf)
John Galloway's article. (pdf)
Frances Girling's online article in Naplink. (pdf)
Michael Jones: 'Linking reading and spelling' from issue 175 of Special Children. (pdf)
Guardian article: Dyslexia project at Chelmsford Prison. (pdf)
Bulletin article: Lexion in Cornwall. (pdf)
Frances Girling & Michael Jones: Supporting children with communication difficulties. (pdf) (Provided by kind permission of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists)
Michael Jones: Young, gifted and stuck... (pdf)
Jackie Hewitt-Main: Dyslexia Behind Bars, Final Report of a Pioneering Teaching and Mentoring Project at Chelmsford Prison (pdf)


Annika Hallsvik gives an overview of Lexion: Youtube

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