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Autumn 2012

Since September 2012 we distribute the (almost?) final version of Lexion where all the Lexion Assessment tests are completely standardized. If you have an older version, please update Lexion from our download page.

New profiles

The newest Lexion edition includes several improvements and the addition of the Beginning to read profiles. Read about the Beginning to read profiles here. This, among some currency reasons, will increase the price of Lexion with 15%, effective from Oct 1st 2008.  

How to install Lexion in Windows Vista

Our 2007 disks will install in Windows Vista, but Lexion will refuse to launch. Before starting Lexion, update it by downloading the latest update in Downloads. After the update Lexion will start normally. Our next CD issue in mid 2008 will be Vista compatible.

Download the latest update here.

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