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Program updates:

Download the latest Lexion update (exe, 23 MB)
Read about the very latest improvements here.

Download the fix for Windows Vista or Windows 7 (exe, 1.7 MB)
Fixes incompatibility with Windows Vista or Windows 7 (when you have installed an old Lexion or Mini-Lexion cd in Windows Vista or 7 and the program will not start).

To perform any of the above updates, left-click on the link and select Run.

Other downloads:

Lexion Step-by-step. (pdf, 1.8 MB)
The Lexion manual (pdf, 8.3 MB)
Installation instructions (pdf, 0.3 MB)
Lexion folder (pdf, 2.1 MB) 
About the Beginning To Read profiles (pdf, 0.3 MB)

Left-click to read the document. Right-click and select Save target as... to save it on your computer.

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