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Analysing the results

The results chart shows all the answers in detail. There is information showing if the test subject wanted to listen to the instruction once more, as well as the response time. Points are summarized into a results index.

Results index screenshot

Comparisons diagram screenshot

The same results are also displayed in a profile diagram where comparisons can be made. Every test part has its own bar, scaled from 0 to 5. The standard values, are shown within light blue markers.

Suggested excercises screenshot

Exercises are created automatically

When the test is completed Lexion may automatically create the appropriate exercises according to the results! For some examples of the exercises, see the next page. The total amount of time needed from starting the test, until Lexion has created the appropriate exercises, will be 15 to 25 minutes.

Predefined profiles

It is also possible to create exercises by using a predefined profile. Lexion contains profiles for every term from ReceptionYear to Year 9, resulting in exercises following the recommendations of the Primary National Strategy. There are also an excellent series of profiles, called Beginning to read, for understanding the alphabetic system.

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